The Spark story

Spark was co-founded by Damian and Dave. They are always excited to hear from users’ experiences of Spark.

Damian and Dave live busy lives in London.  They like to go out and socialise with friends, go to gigs and concerts and go on weekend trips away.  They found it was difficult to get friends to agree on the best time to do things.  Their friends had a myriad of interests and sometimes it was difficult to find things to do that appealed to more than a few friends.

Dave explains, “Many times I would float an idea to friends, for example a ski-trip or a night out, and then find I got too busy with work to chase up who's still keen or who’s definitely coming.  I wanted to spend my free time socialising and doing things and not being an event manager.”

He continues, “I love travelling and music, and often, when trying to book tickets for holidays or concerts, I would ask who's coming and struggle to get people to commit, and then the price of flights would go up or tickets would be sold out.”

Damian and Dave also felt that they struggled to find the best photos of their friends from the nights out, holidays and parties.  They used apps like Facebook and Dropbox, but it was a chore to get everyone to share photos in the same place and organising them was a pain.

Damian explains, “I got really frustrated at not being able to see all the photos my friends and I had taken in one place.  I couldn’t be bothered sorting through photos and would never get round to organising them into albums.”

“When I thought about it, I really wanted my photos sorted by life events. This is the way I want to reminisce, by thinking of a past experience, and re-living it by looking at the photos.” he says.

Dave chips in, “A great example was my girlfriend’s birthday party.  We knew people had been taking great photos from that night, and even though she emailed round all of our friends asking for their pictures, we knew she was missing a large chunk of the best photos from that day.”

“Not everybody likes to share too much on Facebook, and we chatted to our friends and they preferred to share photos between small groups of friends.  Most of them used Whatsapp, but found it wasn’t great when it came to managing events, and photos weren’t organised well. A lot of the time banter would get in the way of the important details and pictures.”

This frustration convinced Dave and Damian to co-found Spark to take the pain out of organising events with friends and make it easy for photo albums to be created for each event.

Our vision for Spark

We are committed to keeping our app simple and easy to use.  Every friend and family member should be able to use it.  We strive to make Spark the fastest way to organise events and photos and allow the user to spend more time having fun with the people they love the most.  Spark is serious about security and keeps all your photos and details secure and private.

Help us to improve

We are working hard to make Spark the best it can be.  We are always keen to hear your feedback and love hearing about your experiences with Spark.  Send us a message if you need anything, and we will be quick to respond and help you out.

Thankyou for using Spark

The Spark Team



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