Why Spark?

Here's why Spark should be one of your favourite apps.

No more losing important details in long streams of messages

Sound familiar? Just turned on your phone to 100s of new message alerts? You scan through them quickly and miss an important date change or change to the meeting point? Spark has you covered. WSoark helps you organise your social life and youll never miss an important update again.

Invite friends using many different platforms

With Spark you can send invites via Whatsapp, Email, SMS, Facebook, and any other social or communication apps. Now you can invite your friends and family who may not use Facebook or Whatsapp using email or the apps that they use the most. When you invite somevidy who doesnt have Spark yet, they will receive a link to download the app. Once they have it, they'll see your invite.

Perfect for use with close friends and family

Do you have some friends that refuse to use Facebook? Or are you tired of adverts and posts from old work colleagues that you haven't seen in years? Spark is noise-free, and focussed around your friends and family that you want to meet regularly. Spark is for you and your closest and dearest.

Works with your existing apps

Spark doesn't replace your favourite social apps, it works with them. You can contunue to use your favourite WhatsApp or Messenger groups, and your existing contacts and calendar. Spark just helps keep your events organised in a better way.

Keep your data and photos private

Concerned about privacy? With Spark, only event invitees can see your photos and data. So no worries about photos going outside the group.

With Spark's new Albums feature(coming soon), keep photos organised without hassle.

What our users say:



"Before I had Spark, I would get to lunchtime with 100s of new messages in my mates' Whatsapp group. Anytime somebody mentioned a date or a place to meet, I'd have to scroll through hundreds of messages to find the time to meet or the venue. Now i can just use Whatsapp for banter and sharing invites and rely on Spark to keep the important details in one place."



"I've been so turned off social media as there are too many adverts and too much noise in my feed. With Spark, I can cut through the noise. I find I'm now meeting my friends more too which is great."

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